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Who Are We

Get to know your body and start to take care of it from within. Knowing your body, spending time with it—these are the first steps to making it a safe place for you again.

- Erica Mather (Your body, your best friend)

In a society so focused on size, weight and how things look,

how lovely would it be to celebrate our bodies instead?


Everyone deserves to have a positive body image,

regardless of what the popular narrative may be. Let us 

come together and learn how to listen to our bodies,

in the hope that a friendship is formed.


Join me for a two hour retreat centered around the practice

of embodied yoga, meditation and relaxation.


Sunday 11th June 2023

10am - 12pm 

(Spaces are limited to 15)


Horn Hill Village Hall

Rickmansworth Ln,

Chalfont St Peter,


Price: £30 per person

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