Welcome to 
 The Breathing Nest 


Find balance in mind, body and spirit using breath, movement, meditation and Reiki.


"Everyone needs a place where they can step away from the madness and let go for a while. A place to create space, to come back into balance. A place where they can truly disconnect and rest in the nest of what feels most natural. The body. The breath. 


‘The Breathing Nest’ offers just that. A place to ebb and flow with the rhythm of nature. A place to sync up head and heart through the practice of yoga, Reiki, meditation and breathing."

Natasha Palram



This practice is safe, gentle and non-invasive. It can be done receiving medical treatments face to face or from a distance by a qualified Reiki Master.


Use breath and movement to create a happier YOU.  By practicing this style of Yoga, you will learn how to flow through life more peacefully.

Death Doula

Providing support for people at the end of life, focusing on the emotional, psychological and spiritual side of dying, as well as the more practical things.


We plan, oversee and guide ceremonies, whether they be weddings, funerals, naming or adoption. We will carefully craft the writing and delivery.



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