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Laughing Yoga


There are many forms of Yoga in the modern world, and this is not only movement, but also breath and meditation.

Here at The Breathing Nest we tailor and adapt to what best suits your needs and outcomes. 

Some are after fast paced movement to increase their cardiovascular and agility, other are new or have restricted movements, and need a slow, gentle approach.

We can offer personal one to one sessions, small group sessions or even regular classes for companies increasing wellbeing for their employees.

Benefits of Yoga

Promotes deep relaxation

Resulting in better sleep, improved mood and increased focus.

Stimulates immune system

Reiki encourages a smooth flow between the parasympathetic (rest & digest) and sympathetic (fight or flight) systems.

Relieves pain & tension

Pain and tension in the body is usually caused by an energetic blockage. Reiki allows energy to flow freely which helps reduce pain and tension throughout the body.

Complementary therapy

Reiki supports the well-being of those receiving medical treatments.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Reiki restores balance, reducing anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia and chronic stress.

No travel needed

Reiki treatment can be received from the comfort of your home if you unable to travel.

Accredited Yoga Teacher

Natasha is a qualified Reiki Master Practitioner, who has been attuned to the highest level of Reiki

UK Reiki Federation are the largest Reiki-only professional organisation in the UK and Europe who are setting the highest standard for Reiki

Yoga Studio
  • Yoga for Employees

  • Breath and movement

  • Teen Yoga

  • Yoga for Beginners

  • Chair Yoga



"Natasha has a lovely aura about her which made me feel safe. There is a sense of calm, and I felt relaxed immediately. I haven’t been able to sleep and felt anxious for a long time with things going on personally. After the reiki session with Natasha, I slept soundly and felt energised. The message that I got from the session was instrumental in moving forward as well as provided reassurance. 

Anyone who would like to try should have a go, Natasha is great at making sure you feel safe and comfortable."

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